Any breed, fun gundog training!

Gundog training is a wonderful way to keep your dog fit, build an amazing relationship with you, and keep his mind active.

Suitable for any breeds

Whether you have a typical gundog breed, or not, gundog training is something you too can enjoy.

Walking Skills

From loose lead walking to offlead heel work, all levels are taught. The ability to walk offlead alongside it’s handler amongst other dogs and distractions.


The ability to call your dog and know that they will come straight back to you, regardless of the distractions in the environment that you are working in.

Calmness and Self Control

Park your dog whilst collecting his poo, or sit next to you waiting his turn to be sent on a retrieve. Calmly lay on a bed as you fill the dishwasher or do the washing up.


Whether your dog naturally retrieves anything, or is not interested in retrieving. Teach him to retrieve toys, dummy’s or even your slippers.


Exercises to do at home when the weather is bad to keep your dog fit for anything you wish to do together.

Whistle work

Learn how to use a gundog whistle to have greater control over your best friend.


1-1 Gundog

  • Work at your own pace
  • At a time and location convenient to you
  • As often as you wish


  • Support from others in the group
  • Work around other group members and their dogs
  • Monthly at Victoria Park, Mile End Park, and Leyton Flats in London
  • Monthly at Delapre Abbey, Upton Country Park and Irchester Country Park in Northampton

“Christine has managed to train us to feel confident in challenging situations and Eddie has loved working on his gundog skills”

Tracey, Paul and Eddie

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