Life Skills

None of Your Business Training

This is one of the most popular area’s that my clients choose to work on with their pets. This skill allows your dog to become a true member of the family, with the ability to go anywhere with you.

Make yourself your dogs priority

There are a number of areas in which you may want to concentrate.

On walks

Interest in other dogs to the point at which there is reactivity or just no recall. Overly friendly, or worried about people causing jumping up, or reactivity. Chasing bikes, birds, squirrels, foxes etc.


Whether this is in a car, or public transport like buses, tubes, trains. There are masses of skills that are required. If your dog has those skills then he can join you on all your adventures.

Pubs / bars/ cafe’s

Learning to relax in a pub, or cafe whilst there are people coming and going takes a lot of skill.

Hotels and Holiday cottages

Teach your dog the skills needed to behave, and stay in new environments confidently.

Lifts, escalators, moving walkways

Increase your options by making these challenges, a normal part of your dogs life.

Markets, Festivals

There are many other events, where dogs are allowed to join their owners, lots of people and other dogs can be a struggle. Teach your dog how to cope and then you can enjoy them together.

An array of resources

There is a number of options open to all manner of needs.

In person 1-1 sessions

  • Specific training for your lifestyle
  • Location, and times to suit
  • Faster progress


  • 1 hour sessions completed over zoom.
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Cheaper than in person training

“I never in a million years thought I’d get this out of holly but we did and I cried I was very happy this happened due to Christine not giving up on us and not letting me give up and getting me to stick by it.”


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