Giving your puppy the right start in life is crucial.

There are a number of options available for you to achieve this

Open to the possibilities

There are a number of skills that new puppies would benefit from:-


This has changed over the years, whereas once we taught our dogs to play with others, and to greet a number of different people. Now we teach our dogs to work with us around other people and dogs, in effect, ignoring them. This builds a strong bond and stops the “Fenton” moments from happening.

Basic Dog Training skills

Teach your dog to sit, down, wait, loose lead walking and recall. Using only games and fun, Fresh Start ensures that training is not only fun for you but your dog also. You will be keen to keep progressing as it won’t feel like a chore, but instead something to look forward to.

Life skills

Prepare your puppy to share his life with you, confidence and optimism around new situations. Buses, tubes and trains, escalators and lifts. If you want your puppy to be bombproof to go everywhere, then start planning for real life now.

Out and about

Train your puppy to play and work with you whilst surrounded by other people, dogs, children, squirrels, cats and other distractions; with our “None of Your Business Training”.

Teach Calmness

Using crate and Boundary games, teach your dog to settle at home, at the park, in the pub and on holiday. Anywhere really, one of the most important and valuable skills.

Puppy Dog sports

Start your puppy’s journey with agility, gundog, trick training, or man trailing with puppy basics.

What do we offer?

There are different options available:-

1-1 sessions

  • Work on a date, time and location of your choice
  • Tackle the struggles unique to you
  • Work through struggles quicker

Monthly Classes

  • Share your struggles with others in a similar situation to you.
  • Structured sessions covering a range of struggles
  • On Saturday Lunchtimes at Delapre Abbey Northampton, and Sunday Lunchtimes at Mile End Park, London.

As a first time dog owner we needed help and advice regarding all aspects of dog training. When we first met Christine, we did lots of 1:1 sessions to help with boundaries at home and outside, loose lead walking and recall and off lead work. We have been using Christine’s services for two years now and will continue to do so. We couldn’t recommend her enough and thank her for all the ongoing help and support that she offers. 

Kate & Margo

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