Trick Training

An easy and fun way to boost your relationship

Trick training is very easy to get into, and it is great for when the weather outside is too awful to go out. You can keep him mentally stimulated whilst enjoying being with him at home.

Entertaining, and a mental workout!

Trick training is not just a tool to show off your dog, (though it is good for that), it is also something that can be useful to you, Keeping your dog’s mind active, growing confidence in your dog, and building a strong bond between you.

Help around the house

Teach your dog tricks to help you around the house, from getting your slippers, removing your socks, to putting away their toys and getting a can from the fridge. Or even picking up something that you dropped.

Multiple dog tricks

Do you have multiple dogs, get them to do tricks together, this builds their relationship with you, each other, and makes for great pictures. Skills like holding something in their mouth, or standing with their front feet on something.

Movie/ camera Work

Build up your dogs trick repertoire to get them into the movie industry. Tricks such as looking at a camera running onto a sofa and laying down, limping, playing dead, or just posing nicely for a photo with something.

Tricks with props

Teach your dog to hold a bucket, or to jump through a hoop. Use a skateboard or tuck themselves up into a blanket for bed.


Tricks can be used for keeping your dogs fit too. Positions, if done well, such as pretty, or bow, are great for building up core strength. Whilst spins and wrapping an obstacle can be great warm up exercises.

Do More With Your Dog

Work through the Do More with your dog levels, to gain your Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert trick titles

Choose From:

1-1 Sessions

  • Teach tricks that cater to your individual needs
  • A time and place that suits you
  • Quickly gain titles


  • Monthly ongoing
  • Support, and compete with each other
  • Make new friends

Christine’s knowledge, experience and calm manner has helped us and our reactive dog no end. She champions positive teaching methods through games, and explains the ‘why’ in a really clear way. We’re very grateful for having found her and look forward to learning more in the future. I’d highly recommend her 121 sessions and group classes – we wouldn’t be making the progress we are without them!



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