So we are home….

I have to say that this was an amazing experience, prior to going on this adventure I had wanted to do something like this for many years. I had always been worried about the “what if’s”, such as if I did the worming wrong and the dogs were not allowed back in the country, or if something happened to the car in a country where my language skills are barely passable

What a fool I was, I should have done this long ago. The process was much easier and less stressful than I feared. I would definitely take a friend or someone with you, if you can for the first try at least. I was extremely lucky to be supported throughout, and I think it made things much easier, but I would go it alone if I had to, another time.

Make sure you double the amount of savings you think you will need, everything is more expensive than you plan. I would also say that it is wise to get things like European breakdown cover, as although I didn’t use it. It was good to know it was there if I did need it.

Now it is time to plan my next adventure x


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