Fun, agility training for all.

Agility is a fun sport which allows any breed to participate, the only things that are really important is not jumping your dog under 12 months of age, and make sure they enjoy it.

Agility Skills

This is only available in our Northampton venue unfortunately, due to the lack of an appropriate space to train in London.


From the first jump to grids, and then small courses. Teach your dog how to efficiently and swiftly work his way around the course.


Teach your dog to weave, starting with the correct entry for two weaves until they can pick up a weave entry within a full course.

Contact Equipment

Starting with mat work, learn the AFrame, and then move on to teach your dog a perfect running, or 2 on 2 off contact on the dog walk.


A real confidence skill, the seesaw needs to be taught sympathetically and carefully to ensure that your dog is not scared of it at any point.


Teach your dog tunnel confidence, from first introductions to constructing courses. Including the tunnel madness challenge.


With our very hit and miss weather, sometimes training can’t happen. Learn some fitness exercises to keep your dog fit on those we and rainy days.

1-1 sessions

  • Make progress at your own pace
  • Bring on an unconfident dog
  • Suitable for dog reactive dogs


  • Social event
  • Support from other attendees
  • Teach your dog to work around others

It doesn’t feel like training and is lots of fun. It is also good to be with people and dogs who are in the same position as you-and able to share progress and successes.



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