Assistance Dog

Training your dog as an assistance dog is hugely rewarding and important.

With vast experience training Autism assistance dogs, and mobility assistance dogs Fresh Start can help you hone your dog’s skills.

Working, or downtime.

There are a number of options for you:-

Level 1

Just starting your Journey? This level works on the core foundation of None of your business training, loose lead walking, recall, Boundary games, calmness.

Level 2

Working in unfamiliar environments, starting task work, such as pressure work, retrieving medications, phone, remote control, removing clothing. Non verbal cues and rewarding.

Level 3

More advanced task work such as “get me out of here”, interrupting crisis behaviours, Helping to do the shopping, Crowd Control, put washing in, or take out of the washing machine.


Fancy doing something different with your assistance dog, on their down time? Why don’t you try agility, working on independence over obstacles, strong verbal cues.


Trick training, or fitness for your assistance dog. To keep him fit and healthy, when the world is just too much to face.


If you are struggling with a particular problem, that you feel is hindering all your hopes of your dog making it as an assistance dog, all is not lost.

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