Day 11 – Dog Trainer and her Dogs in Valencia

Visited Madrid today, met some friends.  Walked through an amazing park in the centre which had beautiful lights all over the trees.

Madrid was pretty cold, and we spent most of our trip in a little bar.  We had some lovely tapas, and chatted with friends.  The dogs were absolutely amazing – really relaxed and just enjoying being with us and socialising with our friends.

Madrid seemed to have a large dog population but didn’t have much opportunity to explore how dog friendly the city was on the whole.  This is something that I need to look at next visit.

We left just after dark and the walk back through the park was absolutely amazing, the trees all covered in red fairy lights – making long avenues of trees in lights.  The lake was also lit up by lights and looked truly magical.  It was very busy, with dogs and people everywhere.  After dark the park allows dogs to be off lead, the owners here did seem to have more control of their dogs and this meant we could enjoy the park.

On the way home we stopped off to get a Bocadillo in a road side services.  Oh my goodness – it was absolutely gorgeous, makes our services pale in comparison with our cold, and meanly filled sandwiches.

Got back to our hotel at about midnight and headed to bed, snorring dogs all around.


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