Day 12 & 13 – Dog Trainer and her Dogs in Valencia

Izzy was unwell today, she accompanied me to the bathroom when I got up. To her surprise as she turned around she had a poonami right there in the bathroom.

I took her back and popped her onto her bed where she couldn’t control another one. I took her outside and she finished off but the last bit was red with what looked like blood.

Fortunately my friend was on hand and booked us an appointment at her vets. They were absolutely amazing. I took a sample of the poonami, they had an onsite lab and looked in her poo as we waited. After 20 minutes or so of investigation the English speaking vet came out and said that Izzy didn’t have any nasty bugs but her gut flora was dead. She put Izzy on some pain medication and something to reintroduce the good bacteria, gave us some special food and we left.

Please beware of this – the supermarket kibble and dog food is very poor quality. It is highly advisable to get any kibble from the Vets as they stock the higher quality foods. The prices are also much more reasonable than we would pay for the same products in the UK.

Due to this we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the hotel. The following day I also decided to rest all of the dogs and we met some friends for lunch and little more.


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