Day 14 – Dog Trainer and her Dogs in Valencia

Izzy was much better today, but we are headed to the mountains for a couple of days from tomorrow. So I wanted to take them for a walk, but not a long one. The walk I chose was about 2K in length, a bit of uphill and also did some training and recording footage upon our return from the walk.

The walk was on the former military training site – really lovely space for training and only 13 minutes from the hotel.

Again we had some problems with local dogs (or their walkers), as we were filming footage, a dog walker arrived, opened her car door and 6 dogs raced out. There was another local man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was putting his rubbish out when one of the dogs came over and started barking and lunging at him. The dog walker had already walked off and was shouting from a distance for the dog, who, eventually was persuaded to leave the poor man alone. Just remember that if your dog is reactive, you are not alone.

Then returned to the hotel, had lunch at the local bar and then packed for the trip to the mountains about 4-5 hours from Valencia.

An early night beckons…


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