Day 18 – Dog Trainer and her Dogs in Valencia

We returned to Valencia yesterday and I met up with a friend from the UK today. There are no English Shepherds currently residing in Spain to my knowledge. My friend has one and my girls are both English Shepherds.

We met up for a walk, and then had to take a photo of the three UK English Shepherds, in Valencia. 

My friend was travelling from the UK to Portugal in her camper van. So we arranged to meet in Valencia – the timing was perfect as we are only in Valencia for another day after today.

We met at the site of an earlier walk that I had done, and it was great as we could meander and chat, the carpark was big enough for their camper van allowing us to have a cup of tea and a chat.

I said goodbye to them and headed back to the hotel, only one more day, and 2 more nights before we leave to head to the North of Spain where we are staying with friends overnight, to break our journey home to the UK.

The packing begins…


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