Day 19 – Dog Trainer and her Dogs in Valencia

Today was a day of washing dirty clothes at the local Launderette, packing up and loading the car, as we have an early start tomorrow. We leave at 4am to try and get as much time as we can in the North of Spain.

The Launderette was very close to the hotel and was, on the whole, very practical. Though if you are staying as long as we were, stock up on Euros for the machines.

The dogs wanted to make sure that they were not forgotten and so insisted on being in the car as I loaded it. Just in case I forget them.

As we are staying at a friends house in the North of Spain I need to make sure that my small case containing clothes for overnight and the following day is able to be removed easily. Also the dogs beds and food etc.

Quite a Jenga, and an early night….


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